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Rights of way, permits and topography.

At Full Energy México we want to give you comprehensive solutions to your projects, therefore, we take care of carrying out the procedures for Rights of Way, permits and topography:


Environmental permits (MIA and ETJ).

Social Impact Assessment (EVIS).

Topographic survey.


The experience of our team will allow your project to be carried out under the principles of the best technical, regulatory and economic solution.

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Manual TIC

ICT Handbook

We help you to diagnose the requirements applicable to your projects, honestly and professionally, under the principles of the best technical, regulatory and economic solution, with the aim that they have the means of communication for Voice and Data transfer, with quality of the information required for compliance with the Acquisition of Real-Time Data for the Operational Control of the SEN in conjunction with the operation of the MEM.


  1. RTU

  2. Signals required by SAPPSE

  3. PMU* (Only if requested in the facilities study)

  4. R.I.D.

  5. Riot Recorder

  6. IP telephony

  7. business telephony

  8. main channel

  9. backup channel

  10. GPS

Manual de TIC (SAPPSE) mexico.jpg

Measurement Manual for Settlements.

Manual de med.

We help you comply with the Measurement Manual for Liquidations, carrying out a diagnosis of the facilities, preparing the engineering, attending to the administrative process until the commissioning of the equipment.


We offer you a compliance guarantee and the best costs and delivery times for your equipment.


Commercial Operation Procedure.


We help you comply with the Annexes of the Commercial Operation Procedure (POC) so that your projects can be energized and later enter into commercial operation.


Our times are adapted to the particular needs of our clients' projects derived from the extensive experience we have in meeting these requirements with CENACE.

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