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calidad de la poteni

Power Quality

With our team of electrical engineers specialized in power quality, we evaluate compliance with the technical requirements for Load Centers and Power Plants, established in the Grid Code, including:


  • line voltage

  • current per phase

  • Active Power

  • Reactive power

  • DATD per phase

  • Current imbalance (Ineg/Ipos)

  • Current imbalance (Icero/Ipos)

  • PST (short-term flicker)

  • PLT (long term flicker)

  • Voltage variations dt, dc and dmax

  • power factor

corto circuito

Short Circuit and Coordination of Protections.

Our specialists carry out short circuit studies to correctly size the adjustment of protections and equipment sizing.


Experience allows us to guarantee that the analysis carried out in specialized software guarantees that the results obtained always comply with the technical requirements of the Network Code.

corto circuito en mexico.png

Connection and infrastructure viability through load flows

flujos de carga

Our team of specialists has the tools and knowledge to carry out an evaluation of the interconnection or connection alternatives and voltage level close to the projects.


With the above, and through pre-feasibility studies, our team helps projects to determine the necessary infrastructure for their connection or interconnection to the Electric System, prior to carrying out the studies with government agencies.

flujos de carga en mexico.jpg

Studies for repowering power plants.


Connection feasibility and infrastructure


Our field team carries out a survey to determine the connection options that exist in the area of influence of the projects (lines and substations at different voltage levels). With this we determine the necessary connection works that adapt to the needs of the projects.

Estudios para Repotenciación de centrales eléctricas  en mexico.jpg
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